Friday, August 15, 2008

Tomorrow's class cancelled

Some of the course participants begin their exams tomorrow. Hence, they requested me not to have Existentialism classes as they would miss out on the lecture on Kierkegaard. I spoke Dr Kachappilly. He has agreed to cancel tomorrow's class.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Iconoclast

I really don’t understand what people find, so much to talk about. This has been my experience since child hood. ‘What do people find so much to talk about?’ that has always puzzled me. I don’t understand, if you are talking all the while when do you listen. ? I believe that we all are so frightened of being just us that we need to fill our lives with empty chatter.

The overcoming of this overdriving fear of being just ourselves, looking at us as how we are, without any shades of opinions colored by what others think , is easier said than done. Babies are really courageous creatures. I should say enlightened beings. They have no past, no future; they live in the everlasting present. Live life fully, whether crying or laughing in gay abandon, with no fear or greed. , looking for nothing. I am reminded of Peter Pan’s Neverland. As HW Longfellow said "A boys will is the winds will, and the thoughts of youth, are long, long thoughts."

And we grow up, and forget about joy in the process of living. Living ….? about that I am not so very sure. In childhood we were greedy to fill our bellies. Always munching something, not that we were hungry, but we were greedy to live. Then we grew up, and we became of this world and forgot to live. We became gluttons, wanting more than what we could eat , and we rush to clamber on the tread mill. And our dreams die. They don’t have cardiac arrests; they become leprous festering sores, infecting everything it comes across. That I think is one of the greatest tragedies of growing up, we let our dreams die. When our dreams die then a part of us also dies. We don’t stop there; we get married as we are afraid to face life by our selves. Let me not talk about marriage because that would need another blog write up by itself. But we get married have babies, and want them to live our lives because in our hearts we know that we are failures. We want our kids to live their lives for us; in ways we think it is correct. We scream at them when they smoke, when they get drunk, and when they fail because we believe that they don’t know how to live. Or rather when they don’t live their lives as per our models or our mores.

Society does not accept anybody or anything which is not in a framework it defines. It feels threatened by them ,it considers them to be dangerous creatures. But I am not so sure that is right I believe that to accept ourselves as we are, to hold ourselves responsible for our life is living dangerously. That kind of living is glorious, we define our standards. Defining one’s own standards are not anarchism. I believe defining our own norms is taking responsibility for our lives, and that truly is being an iconoclast. May our tribe increase!!!